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This week Jockey TV visited a top professional football club, Leeds United, with young apprentice jockey, George Chaloner. George is a graduate of Northern Racing College. He also won a highly prized sprint race, the Goodwood Stewards’ Sprint Stakes last August on Johannes at 22/1. George joined the football squad and demonstrated his footballing skills by scoring a few goals.  George was kitted out by the Leeds club and they also kindly donated a signed football for the Injured Jockeys Fund.

Jockey TV also interviewed Leeds football manager, Neil Warnock, who spoke about his affection for racing and respect for jockeys.

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Izziana Image is the proud sponsor of Jockey TV – the essence of what being involved in equine sport is all about. Izziana Image supports the fashion side of Jockey TV and writes articles for the Jockey TV blog.


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We are all time poor these days and often juggle multiple tasks and projects so I am sure you don’t have time in the morning to waste on deciding what to wear.  In fact, I am certain you have much better things to spend your time on and who wants the stress of trying to create outfits every day that look good?

Good news!  By spending a little bit of time up front you can create a functional wardrobe that works with your lifestyle and saves you time, money and energy.  A functional wardrobe contains clothes that suit you and that mix and match so it is easy to put an outfit together and walk out your front door looking and feeling good.  Our presentation counts and it is an important part of who we are.  Like it or not, people judge you by what you wear.

The colour of our hair, eyes and skin along with body shape and dress personality all influence our style and what clothes, accessories and makeup look good on us and make us feel confident.  You can create a functional wardrobe by building it around the colours and styles that suit your body line, face shape and colouring.  Why waste money on clothing that does nothing for you?  You not only waste money but you feel drab when wearing them and loose self-confidence.

Create a functional wardrobe in 5 easy steps:

Work out what your hair, eye and skin tones are.  What colours compliment these tones and look good on you? Build your wardrobe around these colours and you will always have something to wear.  Those with warmer skin, eye and hair tones for example, will look good in warmer colours as the cooler colours conflict with these tones and wash you out.  The opposite applies if you have cool eye, skin and hair tones.  You will look great in cool colours to match your cool undertones.   This applies to your makeup too.  Choose colour tones that compliment you and enhance your natural beauty.  Nothing stands out like the wrong foundation colour. Identify your bodyline and select clothing and accessories in the same lines.  Are you a straight or do you have a few more curves?  The goal is to ensure that your clothing looks like a natural extension of you.  Use clothes to camouflage what you want to hide and highlight what you want others to see.  Continue to build your wardrobe with these styles, remembering your best colours. Check the lengths of your jackets, skirts and dresses.  Anything that stops in the widest part of your body instantly adds pounds.  Remove these from your wardrobe and replace with much more flattering lengths. Follow your dress personality.  We are all different so don’t feel the need to wear something just because is it in fashion.  Choose clothes that express your personality and tailor your dress personality to the occasion so your outfit is appropriate for the event. Remember Fashion fades, style stays! Once you have identified the above, adjust your shopping habits so you buy clothes that flatter and keep your look current.  Shopping will become easier because you know what suits you.  This way you will always have a functional wardrobe that you don’t have to think about.

Please contact Izziana Image if you would like help with creating a functional wardrobe or developing your Personal Style strategy.  You can be confident of looking your best regardless of the occasion.

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