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Are you living with a wardrobe that you don’t love?  Let’s face it, living with a wardrobe you don’t love can be depressing and frustrating and not a great start to your day.  Who has time in the morning to spend deciding what to wear?

Creating a wardrobe you love and that reflects your lifestyle and personality does not take as long as you may think.  I am a great believe in proper planning prevents poor performance and with a little planning you can create a functional wardrobe that loves you.  Trust me it is truly liberating and saves you lots of time and money!

Think about your current lifestyle and where you spend your time.  Does the percentage of your suitable clothing balance and relate to your lifestyle?  Ask yourself if your wardrobe conveys the image you want.  Now might be a good time to think about the goals for your personal and professional lifestyle and how your wardrobe can reflect these.

To create a wardrobe you love we recommend you:

Understand your colours

Know and wear your best colours.  Remove the colours that don’t love you from your wardrobe.  Save this space for colours that do!

Use your neutrals

Build your wardrobe around your neutral colours.  They are easy to mix and match and don’t date – think Navy, Black, Grey, White.

Follow your body line

Understand your style.  Colour and style go together to make an outfit great and a wardrobe functional.  Wear styles that work for your body shape rather than trying to make your body work for the fashion trend.

Do a closet clean

Take a bit of time to do a closet clean.  Go through your wardrobe and separate your clothes into 3 piles:

The ‘KEEP’ pile go straight back in your wardrobe as they are the correct colour and fit. The ‘DISCARD’ pile will include clothes that are the wrong colour or fit, the clothes that are becoming dated and out of fashion and clothes that are tattered.  Avoid the temptation to put these back in your wardrobe.  They will only add to your frustration.  If they are still in good condition, try donating them to a local charity The ‘STORE’ pile may include clothes that you are not yet be ready to part with.  That is fine.  Put them in a box and store them away.  Be honest with yourself though.  If you have not worn something for 3 years then maybe it is time to give them away.

Make a list

Make a list of things your wardrobe needs for when you next go shopping.   Making a list when doing your closet clean will help you replace essential items that you had to throw out.

Mix and match

When you buy a clothing item or accessory, think about whether it will go with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe.  You can then mix and match them with other clothes to get more wear out of them.

Remember price per wear

Think about price per wear.  How often will you wear the item and is it worth the money?  Sales are a great time to grab a bargain but if you never wear the clothing piece it is a waste of your money and adds to the clutter in your wardrobe.

Contact us if you need some help creating a wardrobe that works with your lifestyle.

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