Colour Analysis


Our  Colour Analysis makes choosing the colours that look good on you easy! Our Colour Analysis shows you how to select clothes and accessories in colours that make you come alive and instantly look younger and more confident. The clothes you wear speak volumes about who you are and can be used to strengthen your visual communication and self-esteem.  This is a great way to feel good about yourself.  Defining your image will also help achieve your professional and persons objectives.

As part of your Colour Analysis you:

  • Receive your own personalised colour wallet and swatches which showcases the colours that will always look great on you – your most important shopping tool!
  • Receive handouts and information not only on your clothing but also ladies, on the right colours for your lipstick, hosiery and accessories
  • Gain the tools to select the best colours for your clothing style
  • Gain the authority to shop with confidence because you know which colours are right for you.

If buying clothes is frustrating or something you don’t have time for our Colour Analysis will show you how to select clothes in colours that work for you and will introduce you to a whole new range of fabulous colours. The right colours will transform your life for the better. They make dressing easier and strengthen your personal presentation, whether for school, work, looking for a job or everyday life. Wearing great colours is also an easy way to look taller and slimmer.

Take the guess work out of shopping.  Make the colours you wear empower who you are and be confident with the way you look.

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