You probably have a strategy or plan for your career, finances or business but do you have a strategy for your image?  Have you thought about what your style means and where you want it to take you?   A clearly defined image will increase your happiness and wellbeing, save you time and help you achieve your goals in life.

Your image tells a story about you, it gives those around you visual clues as to what personality you are.   It is worth taking a few moments to think about what this means for your personal and professional life and how you can ensure your image tells the story you want others to see.

1.    Your image is more than just what you wear

 As soon as your step outside your door, you are on view to everyone around you.  Many people struggle to identify what their image means to them and just follow the latest trends, trends that often don’t do them a lot of justice.

Defining your image is important step number 1.  Think about what it means to you.  How would you describe yourself and what makes you different to everyone else?  What is important to you?  What is your ideal image?  Your clothing choices should express who you are inside. 

Apply this to both your personal life and your professional life.  Be true to yourself and don’t try to follow a style that doesn’t suit you or makes you uncomfortable. 

 2.    Once you define your image, make it appropriate to the occasion

 Think about the people you deal with.  To dress appropriately means to look successful and credible but not make those around you uncomfortable.  You may find that you have more flexibility in your personal life but even for your professional life, you can still apply elements of your style to define you as you. 

Your image should help people understand who you are, trust what you say and feel comfortable when dealing with you.  This is particularly important in the workforce.  A hot pink suit in a very corporate environment may not be the most appropriate outfit and clients and colleagues may have difficulty identifying with you and what you are about. Tailor your clothes to the occasion for the best results. Try putting the colour in your lipstick instead and keep the hot pink items for weekend or social wear.  If you are not sure about the dress code for your work, check with your HR department. 

Don’t forget about the season, Summer and Spring are for lighter fabrics and accessories whereas winter and Autumn are for heavier, more solid ones. 

 3.     Keep your image up to date

 This is especially important for the more conservative.  It is very easy to fall into a habit of wearing the same clothes everywhere.  Mix it up a bit.  Add some clothes and accessories in this season’s colours for an instant update.  Wear a great lipstick or try a new haircut.  Keep your colour, design, fabric, proportions and design details current and appropriate.

Use your style and image to build your confidence and your brand.  Think about how you can use it to your advantage.  Be happy with who you are and enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling good.  You can make looking good easy by defining your image and purchasing clothes that suit you and your lifestyle. 

If you would like help in defining your image please contact us about our Colour Analysis and Personal Style Workshop.  Ask us about your saving when you book in for both consultations together.


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