We love going to the race, it is a great excuse to get dressed up and if you back a winner it is very exciting – but mostly we love the race day fashions and hats.

Hats make you feel special and the right hat and outfit makes you look amazing.  So how do you get the right hat?  Many people are afraid to wear hats and we believe this is because most of us are not shown how to select or wear hats.  When faced with the unknown, it is often easier to avoid rather than embrace.

How to embrace wearing hats

  1. Hats like any accessory should work with you and your outfit.  Choose colours that compliment the colours of your outfit.  You want the tones to mix and match, not alienate each other.  Your hat and dress should look like a complete outfit.
  2. As hats are worn close to your face, choose one in your excellent colours.  An excellent colour makes you come to life when wearing it, reduces lines and wrinkles and makes you look younger – a winner every time!
  3. Dress personality plays a large part in whether a hat works for you or not.  Not everyone feels comfortable in a huge, dramatic hat.  If this is not you, choose a hat that fits with your personality but don’t be boring.  Remember this is your excuse to dress up and take your look to the next level.
  4. It’s also about proportion and balance.  A large hat on a petite person looks over whelming and a tiny hat on a tall person looks underwhelming.  Check that the hat gives you balance when on.
  5. Experiment with a few hat styles.  Try them on to see how they feel.  They often look different on than off and you may be surprised with the hat styles you love.  Try wearing them on different angles to see what works best for you.

Next time you go to the races, don’t avoid the hat.  Embrace it and step out in style!

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