Leading up to Christmas it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, lots of eating, buying gifts, Christmas parties and functions.  This can mean spending lots of money but if you are smart about the clothes you buy, you can look fabulous without spending a fortune.  In fact, if you are trying to save money, your wardrobe is a great place to start.

By organising your wardrobe you can take stock of what you have, make your wardrobe work for you and stop wasting money on clothes and accessories you never wear.  It is also a great way to ensure the Christmas gifts you receive are what you want or need.  Make a list of anything you are missing and pass it onto those who are not sure what to get you for Christmas.

Looking good is about wearing colours and styles that compliant you.  Feel fabulous this season by wearing the right colours and styles in your clothing and accessories.   Know your best colours and styles and only buy clothes that compliment you.  They will always look great on you and because they suit you, they are easy to mix and match with the other clothes in your wardrobe.

Summer is all about colour.  There are some beautiful bright colours this season so add a few to your wardrobe, be it a top, shirt or shoes.  In fact, colour is huge this season with pastels, neon and block colours so instead of always wearing black select a great colour to give your image a lift.

Add a touch of glamour with the right makeup. A lipstick in your colour is an easy way to look good and feel alive. Simple and effective!

Accessories are an easy and cheap way to jazz up your wardrobe.  Dress your outfit up with a broche, hat, necklace, earrings, shoes or a fabulous bag. Handbags and jewellery are big and bold at the moment.  Think large stones and beads for jewellery and large structured bags.

When buying any new items, think about whether they will go with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe.  If you have recently organised your wardrobe, you will know what you have and this will help ensure you get lots of wear out of your purchase.

Talking about getting lots of wear out of your clothes, when shopping ask yourself how often you plan to wear the piece of clothing or accessory.  Think price per wear.  If you will wear it often, it is worth the investment.  Even clothes on sale are still a waste of money if you never wear them.

Finally, make sure the clothes fit you.  Nothing makes you look bigger than wearing clothes that are too small!

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