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Your Style Experts

Isobel and Anna from Izziana Image are your body image experts. We will show you how to make sense of all the different clothing styles and identify what works for you. We give you the building blocks to move your personal body image forward and lifelong tools to organize your wardrobe, to shop with confidence and to feel good about yourself.

Our information at Izziana Image is tailored to you and is designed so you can start using it now. Your image is part of what makes you who you are and is an important part of your life. With the right image advice you can be all you want to be. Take the next step in your style journey and learn the benefits of dressing for you.

Find out how to make looking good easy.


Our Style Journey

We believe your style evolves with you. It grows and develops as you transition through the different and exciting stages of your life. It is a journey that should be enjoyed; it is after all your own personal journey.

The image consultations and training we attended changed our lives. It showed us how we could make better use of our style and better choices in our clothing selection. It gave us the confidence to trust who we are and to believe in our image and clothing choices. We no longer doubt our clothing choices and as a result of our style journey we now happier, save a lot of time, money and effort when shopping.


Isobel is an experienced Image Consultant and advises people on how to strengthen their personal image and overall confidence through the correct use of colour and style.  She has an abundance of fashion experience and studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  While in New York she worked for Harper’s Bazaar, NBC television, fashion designer Donna Degnan, Gen Art and New York Fashion Week.  Isobel is committed to showing women how to take advantage of their fashion style to enhance and empower their personal body image. Read Isobel’s story.


Anna is also an experienced Image Consultant who advises people on their personal image and has a great understanding of the importance of dress and personal image when communicating with people.  She has written articles on image and style for several magazines and contributes to the Izziana Image Blog.  Anna is well positioned to help show you how to be confident with your clothing choices, make correct use of colour and style to optimize your image and wellbeing by having a wardrobe that works for you.  Read Anna’s story.


Pamela is the creative hands behind Izziana Millinery. Pamela used to create wire creations that were larger than life sculptured wire urns used as focal points in rooms of her large country garden. During the drought to keep her creative mind alive Pamela’s interest changed from garden design to hat design to coincide with the development of Izziana Image. Izziana Millinery is now a family business where we create hats in colours and styles to suit women.


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