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Meet Izziana Image - Anna

Meet Izziana Image – Anna

Body image is a global topic and something that many women at some stage in their lives struggle with. It is very easy to be negative towards things we don’t like about ourselves and focus only on this.

Growing up my sister Isobel and I quite often compared ourselves to each other, which is just what sisters seem to do. We would often try to wear similar styles and swap clothes but one of us always ended up feeling unhappy when clothes would work better on the other. This resulted in some frustrating moments and tears and it wasn’t until we started to understand our own bodies and personalities that we understood why we don’t look good in the same clothes.

It’s not just sisters that do this, friends and families also compare their bodies to others and end up feeling upset when we don’t think we measure up.  Instead we really need to appreciate and accept that we are all different and understand how to dress for our body and personality. Isobel and I are very different in body shape and personality and have now both accepted our differences. We embrace what we were given and no longer struggle with the why.

As an adult I have always struggled with weight fluctuations. I have learnt to hide it well but it is still there in the back of my mind. There is nothing quite as frustrating in finding weight gain sneak up on you and having clothes no longer fit. I have lost count of the number of times I have altered pants, skirts, dresses and tops and the number of clothes that no longer fit. I now avoid anything too tight around the waist and choose designs that fall straight giving me height and structure. I also wear my best colours as this is the easiest way to draw attention to my face and away from my middle section.

My journey has led me to appreciate my positive aspects and celebrate and accept who I am.  Key information that I learnt through my training as an image consultant has transformed my personal style and life. I am passionate about sharing the same information with you as it really does change your life for the better.


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