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Meet Izziana Image - Isobel

Meet Izziana Image – Isobel

For a long time I found myself struggling with the idea of body image, wishing I had elements that I didn’t have and constantly comparing myself to others.  From the age of 13 I went to boarding school and then at 19 moved to New York to study fashion. While studying fashion in New York I was exposed to all the elements of the industry and the pressure that young women put on themselves to try and achieve what society sees as ‘beautiful.’

Throughout my teenage years I experienced and witnessed the pressure of growing up, the perceptions around body image and the high expectations we all put on ourselves.   It was during this time that I witnessed some people very close to me suffer with body image and eating disorders.  I watched close friends battle anorexia and bulimia. This changed my outlook on body image forever and got me on the journey I am on today.

I studied to become an image consultant so I could assist women to understand what clothing styles work for them and help increase their body confidence. I am passionate about showing women how they can embrace their bodies and understand that our differences are what make us beautiful.

Whilst I might not be able to understand what it’s like to have a large bust or to have curves (I suffer from the opposite problem), I understand what it’s like to struggle with body image. I have witnessed the effects this has on those close to me.  Since becoming an image consultant and stylist – my idea on body image has changed for the better.  I understand my body and I no longer find myself comparing myself to others. I have learnt to embrace what works for me and I now rock it!

My confidence has dramatically increased because I know my colours, my style, my dress personality and what works. I love to dress up, wear hats and embrace what suits me and wow does that feel so much better!!  I no longer battle with trying to make all styles or colours work for me. I now share my journey and experiences with others. I am passionate about assisting and showing young adolescents and women how to rock their assets because we all have them. Understanding your body and what works for you will change your life for the better.

It transformed my life and I would love to help you transform yours.

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