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What are people saying about Izziana Image

I can truly recommend the service of Izziana Image Consultants for your office fashion and style make over. My staff appreciated the “women’s” touch when it came from the work place and that we felt that it was a special bonus that we could give as a reward for a hard years work and something that they would have for life. I believe this type of professional/personal development enhances the culture of the office environment and can highly recommend the Izziana Image Consultants services for your office or yourself. “Look good feel great! = Great results! Thank you Isobel and Anna for being so fantastic, your sense of humour is really engaging and warm making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable about the process. Totally confident in your skills.

Janette, Wagga 

I have now completed two stages of my image make over and my only regret is that I didn’t do this earlier! I am in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe with all the new tips and advice that you have given to me. I no longer waste money on things that just don’t look 100% and best of all I now understand what does work for me and my body shape. I feel 5 kilos thinner and taller and I haven’t even been to the gym! I get compliments every time I wear my right colours and am amazed that with my fair skin I don’t even feel the need to fake tan anymore because I know even with how fair I am I look great in my right colours. There hasn’t been a summer that I haven’t covered up with fake tan in over 10 years so a real milestone for me! I feel great and am loving the compliments I keep getting about the whole new me. Thanks for giving me a boost in confidence. I step out in style now!

Annika, Sydney

Thank you for such a wonderful weekend! I am having heaps of fun learning my new colours and am beginning to perfect my new make up technique.

Carly, Wagga

Getting my colour consultation done with Izziana Image Consultants was everything I expected. It was well worth my time and money. It makes such a difference as people are constantly commenting on how good I look as I am now wearing my right colours. It has been a slow journey getting my wardrobe right and I am still continuing to build on it. It saves you a lot of time and money when you are shopping as you go in a shop knowing exactly what to buy and what not to buy as you know what your colours are.

Kirsty, Sydney

At first, when I walked into the studio, I felt a little intimidated meeting Izziana Image Consultants, they were both dressed very professionally. Their style and make-up was amazing. The girls speak to you through the whole process and make you feel very comfortable. Now that I know what colours I can wear, I have my power days 7 days a week because I know what clothes to wear and what make-up to use.  Thank you Izziana Image Consultants.  You truly are amazing at what you do

Claire, Sydney

Having my colours analyzed by Izziana Image Consultants was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before my consultation I would try on thousands of clothes in the shops, wasting money all the time! But now, armed with my colour wallet I can choose clothes that make me look good, not someone else. The colour analysis can also be applied to jewellery, makeup and hair. For years I dyed my hair blonde, but with the help of Izziana Image Consultants I realized the colour was washing out my face. I have now gone a couple of shades darker and my skin, eyes and everything looks better! It truly is amazing how powerful it is to know what colours and styles work for you. I have received so many compliments since embracing the advice of Izziana Image Consultants. I can’t thank them enough!

Jackie, Sydney

Thank you Izziana Image Consultants, having our colours done was just what my sister and I needed after recently having our first babies. The day was a lot of fun and you made us feel really special during the consultation. Better therapy than a massage or a facial! I am so happy with my colours and the wallet is fantastic- so easy to take shopping and buy the right clothes with confidence. We also really appreciated the tips about hair, jewellery and makeup- no more grey hair for me.

Simone, Orange