There are times when I feel I need a boost in the morning to get me going.  While I don’t deny that a cup of coffee helps, I also find that wearing something red is a simple and effective way to cheer myself up and feel more energized.  When wearing a red dress, shirt, jacket or lipstick, I suddenly feel alive and confident, ready to take on the challenges of my day.  Amazing what a bit of colour can do.

Colour affects our behaviour and mood and is a powerful communication tool. It is the first thing we register when we are assessing anything and can take you from feeling happy to feeling sad.  For me, red states enthusiasm and energy and who is going to mess with the person wearing red?  I personally love the colour red, and wear it whenever I need a bit of a pick-me-up.  Red is also how I add a bit of drama to my outfits and my daily life.

There are many shades of red and the secret is choosing the tone that best suits you.  If you have cool skin, eye and hair tones then think cool red tones, or those with a blue red.  If you have warm hair, eye and skin tones then choose warm reds, with a yellow undertone.  The same applies for your lipstick colours.

Red goes with many colours so team it with navy, charcoal, black, beige, creams/white or brown.  If you feel you need to ease yourself into wearing red, try adding it with your accessories such as a fabulous necklace, scarf, shoes or bag.  You can also wear it as a lipstick.  The right coloured red lipstick will bring attention straight to your beautiful eyes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with red in your clothing this season.  There are many different shades to choose, from warm reds, cool red tones and muted reds.  Choose the right ones for you and have some fun.

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