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With the launch of David Jones’ Spring Fashion 2013, it is a sign that spring and summer are on the way.  Spring fashions tend to be brighter colours and styles and this season is no exception.  David Jones and Myer fashions for spring are blooming with floral prints, (think big flowers), abstract prints, stripes and bright colours.  There are still aspects of animal prints too.  I love the big floral patterns for summer dresses and tops.


We are still seeing the maxi dress and the good news is sheath dress styles and pants remain in fashion.  Accessories are also bright and colourful.  For handbags think totes.  Flats and pumps are shoe styles that never seem to go out of fashion and there are some great colours this season to have some fun with.  When it comes to pumps choose a height to suit your comfort level and lifestyle.


It can be a bit intimidating when it comes to selecting and wearing prints so we have put together the following tips to ensure you get the most out of your prints this season.


Check that the main print colour is in one of your best colours.  The right colour for you makes an incredible difference in the way you look and feel – look good and feel good! Try not to complicate your outfit. Choose 1 print pattern and stick to it Prints are often hard to mix and match with other clothes so either choose a dress or team it with a solid colour (e.g. pants or skirt) that matches one of the colours in your print.  We recommend wearing prints on your top half Keep your accessories simple.  The print is often busy enough and you don’t want the print and your accessories to clash Choose print styles that you feel comfortable in.  If you love big flowers then wear them but if this is a bit daunting for you try a simple stripe or subtle abstract print


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I have recently bought a pair of beige patent leather shoes and love them, and I love the fact that they were on special even more!  It was to my dismay, that when I last went to wear them, I found a brown scuff mark on the side of one of them.  The problem is that the scuff mark is quite noticeable.  So how to remove the mark?  I have done some research and found the following tips for cleaning patent leather shoes.

Soap and water.  Use a soft cloth to remove the mark Nail polish remover – the non-acetone kind.  Use a cotton bud to dip into the nail polish and gently rub the mark off.  I would recommend testing in an inconspicuous spot first to ensure it does not mark your shoes Mineral oil or petroleum jelly.  Apply with a soft cloth and rub the area until clean.  I even saw a reference to vegetable oil on place of mineral oil

I tried all three and found the nail polish remover the best for removing smaller black spots on the shoes.  None however were successful in removing the scuff mark.  I think the mark was a result of the shoes rubbing against another pair and the brown shoe polish transferring to the patent leather shoes.  If anyone has any great ideas on how to remove scuff marks on patent leather shoes, I would love to hear about them.

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Hats come in all forms and there is a hat style for everyone, you just need to know what you are looking for and what suits you.  Like all clothes and accessories, it has to work with the rest of your outfit to look good.  Before you buy a hat consider:

What you are going to wear it with.  Will the colour and style go with the clothes in your wardrobe?  Can you wear it with more than one outfit? Where are you going to wear it?  If it is for everyday wear, keep it simple.  This way it is easy to wear with different tops, pants and dresses.  If it is for a special occasion then have an outfit in mind or at least the colours that will match.  Whether you buy the hat to match the outfit or the outfit to match the hat, check the colours and styles complement each other. Is it appropriate for the occasion you plan to wear it?  Does it suit your lifestyle and dress personality?

If you are going to invest in a hat you want to get wear out of it.  Look at the colours in your wardrobe and chose a hat in one of the colours you wear most often.  Like all clothes and accessories, if you don’t love it, don’t buy it.

Think about the image you want to project when wearing the hat.  Dress personality will pay a large part in your decision process; just make sure you feel comfortable when wearing the hat.  The right hat will make you feel a million dollars when wearing it.

Try on more than one hat.  Often you need to try on different styles to find the best one for you.  Experiment with a few styles and try them on at different angles.  You may be surprised at what looks good on you.

Make sure the hat fits.  If it is too small or big you won’t wear it.

Keep your hat in proportion to you.  For those who are not blessed with much height, look for close fitting hats with shallow crowns and small brims that draw attention upward to your face.  Avoid deep or high crowns and stay away from big, full brimmed hats as they tend to overwhelm you.  For those who are more full figured, look for hats with irregular brims that draw the eye up and give you balance.

A hat expresses you.  It is your message to the world and reflects your mood and image.  Look for hats that enhance who you are, not what you aren’t.

See our Photo Gallery for ideas on how to wear hats.

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Let me tell you about one of the best-kept secrets in style and fashion.  Accessories!  They are one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to update your wardrobe and make a difference to your clothes.  They dress up a plain outfit, make your outfit look expensive and allow you to create your own style.  Accessories can also help to hide and draw attention away from features we don’t want to highlight.

Your outfit can go from ordinary to amazing when you add the correct accessories.  If you keep your outfit plain and simple, most accessories are easy to match.  Better still, if you keep your accessory colours and metal tones within your colour pallet you will find it even easier to mix and match them with different outfits.  Be careful not to add too many colours in your accessories, keep it to 2 or 3 maximum.

You can accessorize by adding a handbag or a pair of shoes in a different colour.  Get creative with some costume jewellery or try wearing a hat to add a little bit of flare to your outfit.  Hats are great in both summer and winter and for those bad hair days.  When you wear the right hat style you feel a million dollars.

Instead of always wearing a necklace, try wearing a scarf or pashmina.  They are a great way to add some colour to your outfit and a pashmina can often be used instead of a jacket or coat.  They are very versatile and unlike bulky coats, they fold away easily.  Learn a few basic scarf tying tips to create different looks.

Pearls go with everything and can dress up a casual outfit without any effort at all.  They are the accessory that is appropriate for daytime and will instantly take your outfit into the evening.

Avoid the temptation to wear all your jewellery at once.  If you wear large, dangling earrings, match them with a bracelet rather than a necklace.  The combination of big earrings and big necklaces often creates clutter.  Alternatively keep your earrings simple and add a necklace to draw attention to your face.  The idea is to look chic and not that you have tried to wear everything all at the same time.

When accessorising remember that less often gives more of a positive impact, especially in a more traditional work environment.  The more conservative your work environment, the more conservative your accessories should be.  A good quality watch and pearl or stud earrings go a long way.

Different accessories can turn one outfit into several different ones without having to purchase new clothes.  Accessories provide a means to stay within your budget, allow you to add to your wardrobe every season and get more wear out of your clothes.

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Last Thursday night saw the first Conscious Cup event.  It was a night of entertainment and race day fashion and we were blessed with gorgeous summer weather.  It was held at YOUENI in a beautiful setting, all organised by the amazing Judith from Cantor Direct

Brands included our beautiful handmade hats and headpieces (Izziana Millinery), stunning handmade jewellery by Shashen Jewels, Sseko sandals and handbags, fantastic heel protectors by Starlettos and gorgeous dresses from Bachhara. The lucky door prize was provided by Alkoomie Perfume.

Both Sseko and Buchhara help women in developing countries to generate an income for themselves and improve their lifestyle.  We encourage you to read their stories.

Those who attended enjoyed canapés from YOUENI, organic wine from Rosnay Organic and live performances by Sarah Humphreys and R O S ï E – both very talented musicians.

This was an excuse to shop guilt-free for Melbourne Cup while supporting a great cause.  Each of the participants donated part of their sales to their designated charity.

This year’s Melbourne Cup fashion has just become a little more conscious and we look forward to the next one.  If you missed out and are still looking for race day fashion ideas, you can purchase online from the Conscious Cup participants.

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