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Leading up to Christmas it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, lots of eating, buying gifts and going out to Christmas parties.  This is the time to spoil yourselves and others; it is also the time to dressed up and have some fun.


If this signals lots of money, then we challenge you to think again.  Looking fabulous does not have to cost the earth.  By organising your wardrobe you can take stock of what you have, make your wardrobe work for you and stop wasting money on clothes and accessories you never wear.  It is also a great way to ensure the Christmas gifts you receive are what you want or need.  Make a list of anything you are missing and pass it onto those who are stuck on what to get you for Christmas.


Your image is something that you carry around with you at all times so you want to get it right.  Look fabulous this season by wearing the right colours and styles in your clothing and accessories.   Add a touch of glamour and make a great impression with the right makeup. Now is the time to update your makeup products as we move into the festive season and have all those Christmas functions to attend.


If you are looking for inspiration this Christmas season then read on!


Summer and Christmas are all about colour and feeling happy.  There are some beautiful pinks, blues and yellows to choose from.  Move away from black and select some colour instead to give your image a lift.


A new lipstick in your colour is a great way to add some glamour and colour and feel alive.


Accessories are an easy and cheap way to update your wardrobe.  Dress your outfit up with a brooch, hat, necklace, earrings, shoes or a fabulous bag.


Buy clothes in your best colours and styles.  They look great on you all the time and are easy to wear with your other clothes.


Buy clothes that go with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe.  This ensures you get good wear out of them.


Need to get your image and wardrobe in order?  Ask us how we can help you.


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I have just been on an overseas trip and one of the factors in planning your trip is deciding what clothes to take without packing your whole wardrobe.  After all you have a weight limit for your luggage and you want to leave room for any shopping you may do overseas.

The secret is to mix and match your outfits so that you have minimum items but maximum outfits.  This does require a little advance planning, but when you don’t have to carry a heavy suitcase or pay for extra luggage; it is totally worth the time.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is over packing.  It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking ‘what if’.  What if I suddenly need that jacket I have not yet worn?  What if I need an extra pair of evening shoes?  Relax, if you have not yet worn that jacket then odds are that you won’t wear it on your trip and if you plan your outfits in advance, the pair of evening shoes you take will match all your outfits.

The first thing to consider when packing is your travel plans.  Travelling for work will require slightly different outfits than travelling for pleasure.

Next, think about the location and weather.  Will you be travelling to a warm climate or a cold one?

Finally plan your travel wardrobe.  Write a check-list of what you really need and only pack these items.

My biggest tip is to select clothes in neutral colours. This way they will always match with all your other clothing items and you don’t have to worry about shoes and jackets not matching.  Blues, blacks and charcoal colours are great because they don’t show the dirt.  Shoes and handbags in these colours are also easy to mix and match which means that you only need to pack a couple of pairs of shoes and one or two handbags.

Of course, tailor your check-list to your travel plans.  If all else fails, you can always buy some extra clothes when you arrive at your destination.

If you would like some help with planning your travel wardrobe book in for our Wardrobe Planning Workshop or try our Colour Analysis to find out what are your neutral colours.

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We love winter fashions.  You can do so much more with your clothes in winter.  You can dress up jeans by adding boots, a pashmina and jacket for a simple but chic look.  One thing I learnt from my travels and especially during my time in Beijing is that is it all about the layers when dressing for winter.  Beijing is freezing cold and you have to layer up to keep warm when outside.  As everything is centrally heated, you then have to de layer quickly to avoid overheating when you are inside!

Sydney’s winter is not this extreme but layers can add some interesting details to your clothes that you can’t do with your summer clothes.  It also makes it easy to take off the layers as needed in heated shops and restaurants.

So how to you layer effectively?  Layering is not about adding bulk, it is about using clothes to keep warm and look good.

For casual wear try wearing jeans with boots or closed in shoes, a shirt and/or jumper and then add a pashmina and a jacket or cardigan in a great colour for impact.  Pashminas are one of my favourite winter accessories as they add colour and can be wrapped around your shoulders to keep you warm. They are also easy to fold up and carry when not needed.

For work wear, try wearing a trench coat or jacket and scarf over your suit. There are some beautiful coats this season.

Don’t forget about gloves and hats.  They are fabulous fashion accessories; have them in different colours to match your different outfits and add the ‘wow’ factor to your style.

If you would like help in putting together winter outfits, book in for our Personal Style Workshop and learn how to make clothing choices that work for you.

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Last Thursday night saw the first Conscious Cup event.  It was a night of entertainment and race day fashion and we were blessed with gorgeous summer weather.  It was held at YOUENI in a beautiful setting, all organised by the amazing Judith from Cantor Direct

Brands included our beautiful handmade hats and headpieces (Izziana Millinery), stunning handmade jewellery by Shashen Jewels, Sseko sandals and handbags, fantastic heel protectors by Starlettos and gorgeous dresses from Bachhara. The lucky door prize was provided by Alkoomie Perfume.

Both Sseko and Buchhara help women in developing countries to generate an income for themselves and improve their lifestyle.  We encourage you to read their stories.

Those who attended enjoyed canapés from YOUENI, organic wine from Rosnay Organic and live performances by Sarah Humphreys and R O S ï E – both very talented musicians.

This was an excuse to shop guilt-free for Melbourne Cup while supporting a great cause.  Each of the participants donated part of their sales to their designated charity.

This year’s Melbourne Cup fashion has just become a little more conscious and we look forward to the next one.  If you missed out and are still looking for race day fashion ideas, you can purchase online from the Conscious Cup participants.

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