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We are often required to attend networking functions and they can provide great business leads or opportunities and help establish you as an expert in your field or area of expertise.


You never know who you will meet at these functions so it pays to dress appropriately.  If you look your best you are much more likely to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.  It also tells those around you that you are focused, knowledgeable, trustworthy and worth talking to.  It can be difficult to take someone seriously when they have clearly not put any thought into what they are wearing and turn up in jeans.  If they don’t care about their own work and image, how can you trust they will care about yours?


Give your networking functions a little pre event thought and wear something that makes you feel confident and that people will take you seriously with.  It should represent you, be appropriate for the event and be something that people will remember you by.  There are often lots of people at these functions so you want to stand out in a good way.  Here are our ABCs of dressing for networking functions.


ACCESSORIES.  A simple outfit can look amazing with great accessories.   They are a simple and effective way to brighten up your outfit if you keep them appropriate and in proportion.  They are also a great talking piece or conversation starter.  A stylish brooch or headpiece for example will spark attention. Once the conversation has started, it is easy to introduce yourself and keep the conversation going.


BE aware of your audience.  The art of dressing for a network function is about a little research and good grooming.  Find out what the format and dress code is and make sure your image is appropriate to this.  If you want to let others in your field or profession know who you are then your dress needs to reflect this.  After all you want to be noticed and remembered for the right reasons.  If you have your own business then your image is your brand and it needs to compliment what your business is about.


COLOUR. Colour is an important communication tool and conveys strong emotional feelings.  People react to colour so wear colours that make you come alive and look good.  Your best colours will make you look younger because they smooth and minimize lines and shadows around the eyes and face. When wearing these colours you get a healthy glow that is a great boost to your self-esteem and confidence.


If you don’t want to blend in with everyone else avoid wearing too much black.  How many times have you been to a networking function where everyone is wearing black?  Be a bit different a choose colour instead.


A great lipstick in your colour also helps complete your outfit.  It will tie everything together and bring attention straight to your beautiful eyes.  People will notice you without realising why.


Let’s chat about how we can help.  Our Colour Consultation is great for going through your best colours for your clothing and lipstick.  You will be confident with your colour choices.


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With the launch of David Jones’ Spring Fashion 2013, it is a sign that spring and summer are on the way.  Spring fashions tend to be brighter colours and styles and this season is no exception.  David Jones and Myer fashions for spring are blooming with floral prints, (think big flowers), abstract prints, stripes and bright colours.  There are still aspects of animal prints too.  I love the big floral patterns for summer dresses and tops.


We are still seeing the maxi dress and the good news is sheath dress styles and pants remain in fashion.  Accessories are also bright and colourful.  For handbags think totes.  Flats and pumps are shoe styles that never seem to go out of fashion and there are some great colours this season to have some fun with.  When it comes to pumps choose a height to suit your comfort level and lifestyle.


It can be a bit intimidating when it comes to selecting and wearing prints so we have put together the following tips to ensure you get the most out of your prints this season.


Check that the main print colour is in one of your best colours.  The right colour for you makes an incredible difference in the way you look and feel – look good and feel good! Try not to complicate your outfit. Choose 1 print pattern and stick to it Prints are often hard to mix and match with other clothes so either choose a dress or team it with a solid colour (e.g. pants or skirt) that matches one of the colours in your print.  We recommend wearing prints on your top half Keep your accessories simple.  The print is often busy enough and you don’t want the print and your accessories to clash Choose print styles that you feel comfortable in.  If you love big flowers then wear them but if this is a bit daunting for you try a simple stripe or subtle abstract print


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Many women struggle to find the right foundation colour for their skin tone, so if you have problems when buying foundation you are not alone.  If your foundation is not making you feel great, maybe it is time to try a new one.

Foundation is important because it forms the base of your makeup and holds your other makeup in place, meaning it stays on longer!  It also protects your skin from the ageing effects of the environment so choose ones with SPF.

The right foundation colour should blend with your skin tones and be a natural extension of you. The right foundation will camouflage areas you want to hide while highlighting those you want to enhance.  It will give you a natural and healthy glow. It is perfect for smoothing out the lines on your face and covering any uneven tones in your skin.


Tips for selecting the right foundation

Make sure the colour is right for your skin tone.  When testing the colours against your jaw line, wait a couple of minutes to allow it to dry.  This will give you the best result to select the colour most resembling your skin tone. It should not be obvious you are wearing foundation You may find that your skin tone changes with the seasons. If in the summer months you find your skin tans and darkens slightly then your foundation should match this. In the winter months your skin will most likely revert back to its natural colour and you will need a lighter shade of foundation Remember that if your foundation is too light, it will wash you out and if it is too dark it will give you a distinct line between your face and neck


If you would like to find out how to select the right foundation colours, contact us about our Makeup Application session. We will show you how to put on your makeup quickly and easily. You can try on our makeup products and see how they apply and what colours look great on you.

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There are times when I feel I need a boost in the morning to get me going.  While I don’t deny that a cup of coffee helps, I also find that wearing something red is a simple and effective way to cheer myself up and feel more energized.  When wearing a red dress, shirt, jacket or lipstick, I suddenly feel alive and confident, ready to take on the challenges of my day.  Amazing what a bit of colour can do.

Colour affects our behaviour and mood and is a powerful communication tool. It is the first thing we register when we are assessing anything and can take you from feeling happy to feeling sad.  For me, red states enthusiasm and energy and who is going to mess with the person wearing red?  I personally love the colour red, and wear it whenever I need a bit of a pick-me-up.  Red is also how I add a bit of drama to my outfits and my daily life.

There are many shades of red and the secret is choosing the tone that best suits you.  If you have cool skin, eye and hair tones then think cool red tones, or those with a blue red.  If you have warm hair, eye and skin tones then choose warm reds, with a yellow undertone.  The same applies for your lipstick colours.

Red goes with many colours so team it with navy, charcoal, black, beige, creams/white or brown.  If you feel you need to ease yourself into wearing red, try adding it with your accessories such as a fabulous necklace, scarf, shoes or bag.  You can also wear it as a lipstick.  The right coloured red lipstick will bring attention straight to your beautiful eyes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with red in your clothing this season.  There are many different shades to choose, from warm reds, cool red tones and muted reds.  Choose the right ones for you and have some fun.

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We are heading to Wagga shortly.  We hold Colour and Style consultations there and it is nice to get out of Sydney for a change.  Like most women, we find that the reason people come to us is to help make their lives easier. They want to look good as they get older and have a wardrobe that works for their lifestyle. After no one has time to sit for hours every morning deciding what to wear and who wants to be left feeling depressed when they go shopping because they can’t find anything that suits them.  Not me!

You can look good at any age and our big tip is to work with you and not against you. Everyone has things they love about themselves so highlight these and learn how to disguise what you don’t like so regardless you look good, a win- win situation in my books.

Colour has an amazing influence on the way you look and feel.  Your best colours are determined by your eye, skin and hair tone and they compliment you.  They have the effect of smoothing the lines and wrinkles on your face, hiding them and helping make you look great.  The wrong colour on the other hand is one that detracts from you and draws attention straight to the shadows and lines in our face, making you look tired. The right colours help make you look younger; the wrong colours have the opposite effect.  The best thing about colour is that once you know which tones suit you, looking good is as easy as wearing your right colours.

The next step in looking good is through the lines of your clothing.  Style is about gaining balance and proportion through selecting clothing styles that suit you.  Get it right and you will instantly look good.  Use the length of your skirt to look taller, or the length of your jacket or top to look slimmer.  By selecting the right lines and design details in your clothing and accessories, you can have an amazing wardrobe that doesn’t have to be elaborate.  In fact less is more and keeping your wardrobe simple helps keep your life simple.   At the end of the day you want to get value for money out of your wardrobe while looking good.

Tell us about your best colour or style tips.

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