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Leading up to Christmas it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, lots of eating, buying gifts and going out to Christmas parties.  This is the time to spoil yourselves and others; it is also the time to dressed up and have some fun.


If this signals lots of money, then we challenge you to think again.  Looking fabulous does not have to cost the earth.  By organising your wardrobe you can take stock of what you have, make your wardrobe work for you and stop wasting money on clothes and accessories you never wear.  It is also a great way to ensure the Christmas gifts you receive are what you want or need.  Make a list of anything you are missing and pass it onto those who are stuck on what to get you for Christmas.


Your image is something that you carry around with you at all times so you want to get it right.  Look fabulous this season by wearing the right colours and styles in your clothing and accessories.   Add a touch of glamour and make a great impression with the right makeup. Now is the time to update your makeup products as we move into the festive season and have all those Christmas functions to attend.


If you are looking for inspiration this Christmas season then read on!


Summer and Christmas are all about colour and feeling happy.  There are some beautiful pinks, blues and yellows to choose from.  Move away from black and select some colour instead to give your image a lift.


A new lipstick in your colour is a great way to add some glamour and colour and feel alive.


Accessories are an easy and cheap way to update your wardrobe.  Dress your outfit up with a brooch, hat, necklace, earrings, shoes or a fabulous bag.


Buy clothes in your best colours and styles.  They look great on you all the time and are easy to wear with your other clothes.


Buy clothes that go with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe.  This ensures you get good wear out of them.


Need to get your image and wardrobe in order?  Ask us how we can help you.


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Are you living with a wardrobe that you don’t love?  Let’s face it, living with a wardrobe you don’t love can be depressing and frustrating and not a great start to your day.  Who has time in the morning to spend deciding what to wear?

Creating a wardrobe you love and that reflects your lifestyle and personality does not take as long as you may think.  I am a great believe in proper planning prevents poor performance and with a little planning you can create a functional wardrobe that loves you.  Trust me it is truly liberating and saves you lots of time and money!

Think about your current lifestyle and where you spend your time.  Does the percentage of your suitable clothing balance and relate to your lifestyle?  Ask yourself if your wardrobe conveys the image you want.  Now might be a good time to think about the goals for your personal and professional lifestyle and how your wardrobe can reflect these.

To create a wardrobe you love we recommend you:

Understand your colours

Know and wear your best colours.  Remove the colours that don’t love you from your wardrobe.  Save this space for colours that do!

Use your neutrals

Build your wardrobe around your neutral colours.  They are easy to mix and match and don’t date – think Navy, Black, Grey, White.

Follow your body line

Understand your style.  Colour and style go together to make an outfit great and a wardrobe functional.  Wear styles that work for your body shape rather than trying to make your body work for the fashion trend.

Do a closet clean

Take a bit of time to do a closet clean.  Go through your wardrobe and separate your clothes into 3 piles:

The ‘KEEP’ pile go straight back in your wardrobe as they are the correct colour and fit. The ‘DISCARD’ pile will include clothes that are the wrong colour or fit, the clothes that are becoming dated and out of fashion and clothes that are tattered.  Avoid the temptation to put these back in your wardrobe.  They will only add to your frustration.  If they are still in good condition, try donating them to a local charity The ‘STORE’ pile may include clothes that you are not yet be ready to part with.  That is fine.  Put them in a box and store them away.  Be honest with yourself though.  If you have not worn something for 3 years then maybe it is time to give them away.

Make a list

Make a list of things your wardrobe needs for when you next go shopping.   Making a list when doing your closet clean will help you replace essential items that you had to throw out.

Mix and match

When you buy a clothing item or accessory, think about whether it will go with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe.  You can then mix and match them with other clothes to get more wear out of them.

Remember price per wear

Think about price per wear.  How often will you wear the item and is it worth the money?  Sales are a great time to grab a bargain but if you never wear the clothing piece it is a waste of your money and adds to the clutter in your wardrobe.

Contact us if you need some help creating a wardrobe that works with your lifestyle.

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There are times when I feel I need a boost in the morning to get me going.  While I don’t deny that a cup of coffee helps, I also find that wearing something red is a simple and effective way to cheer myself up and feel more energized.  When wearing a red dress, shirt, jacket or lipstick, I suddenly feel alive and confident, ready to take on the challenges of my day.  Amazing what a bit of colour can do.

Colour affects our behaviour and mood and is a powerful communication tool. It is the first thing we register when we are assessing anything and can take you from feeling happy to feeling sad.  For me, red states enthusiasm and energy and who is going to mess with the person wearing red?  I personally love the colour red, and wear it whenever I need a bit of a pick-me-up.  Red is also how I add a bit of drama to my outfits and my daily life.

There are many shades of red and the secret is choosing the tone that best suits you.  If you have cool skin, eye and hair tones then think cool red tones, or those with a blue red.  If you have warm hair, eye and skin tones then choose warm reds, with a yellow undertone.  The same applies for your lipstick colours.

Red goes with many colours so team it with navy, charcoal, black, beige, creams/white or brown.  If you feel you need to ease yourself into wearing red, try adding it with your accessories such as a fabulous necklace, scarf, shoes or bag.  You can also wear it as a lipstick.  The right coloured red lipstick will bring attention straight to your beautiful eyes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with red in your clothing this season.  There are many different shades to choose, from warm reds, cool red tones and muted reds.  Choose the right ones for you and have some fun.

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You probably have a strategy or plan for your career, finances or business but do you have a strategy for your image?  Have you thought about what your style means and where you want it to take you?   A clearly defined image will increase your happiness and wellbeing, save you time and help you achieve your goals in life.

Your image tells a story about you, it gives those around you visual clues as to what personality you are.   It is worth taking a few moments to think about what this means for your personal and professional life and how you can ensure your image tells the story you want others to see.

1.    Your image is more than just what you wear

 As soon as your step outside your door, you are on view to everyone around you.  Many people struggle to identify what their image means to them and just follow the latest trends, trends that often don’t do them a lot of justice.

Defining your image is important step number 1.  Think about what it means to you.  How would you describe yourself and what makes you different to everyone else?  What is important to you?  What is your ideal image?  Your clothing choices should express who you are inside. 

Apply this to both your personal life and your professional life.  Be true to yourself and don’t try to follow a style that doesn’t suit you or makes you uncomfortable. 

 2.    Once you define your image, make it appropriate to the occasion

 Think about the people you deal with.  To dress appropriately means to look successful and credible but not make those around you uncomfortable.  You may find that you have more flexibility in your personal life but even for your professional life, you can still apply elements of your style to define you as you. 

Your image should help people understand who you are, trust what you say and feel comfortable when dealing with you.  This is particularly important in the workforce.  A hot pink suit in a very corporate environment may not be the most appropriate outfit and clients and colleagues may have difficulty identifying with you and what you are about. Tailor your clothes to the occasion for the best results. Try putting the colour in your lipstick instead and keep the hot pink items for weekend or social wear.  If you are not sure about the dress code for your work, check with your HR department. 

Don’t forget about the season, Summer and Spring are for lighter fabrics and accessories whereas winter and Autumn are for heavier, more solid ones. 

 3.     Keep your image up to date

 This is especially important for the more conservative.  It is very easy to fall into a habit of wearing the same clothes everywhere.  Mix it up a bit.  Add some clothes and accessories in this season’s colours for an instant update.  Wear a great lipstick or try a new haircut.  Keep your colour, design, fabric, proportions and design details current and appropriate.

Use your style and image to build your confidence and your brand.  Think about how you can use it to your advantage.  Be happy with who you are and enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling good.  You can make looking good easy by defining your image and purchasing clothes that suit you and your lifestyle. 

If you would like help in defining your image please contact us about our Colour Analysis and Personal Style Workshop.  Ask us about your saving when you book in for both consultations together.


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We love going to the race, it is a great excuse to get dressed up and if you back a winner it is very exciting – but mostly we love the race day fashions and hats.

Hats make you feel special and the right hat and outfit makes you look amazing.  So how do you get the right hat?  Many people are afraid to wear hats and we believe this is because most of us are not shown how to select or wear hats.  When faced with the unknown, it is often easier to avoid rather than embrace.

How to embrace wearing hats

Hats like any accessory should work with you and your outfit.  Choose colours that compliment the colours of your outfit.  You want the tones to mix and match, not alienate each other.  Your hat and dress should look like a complete outfit. As hats are worn close to your face, choose one in your excellent colours.  An excellent colour makes you come to life when wearing it, reduces lines and wrinkles and makes you look younger – a winner every time! Dress personality plays a large part in whether a hat works for you or not.  Not everyone feels comfortable in a huge, dramatic hat.  If this is not you, choose a hat that fits with your personality but don’t be boring.  Remember this is your excuse to dress up and take your look to the next level. It’s also about proportion and balance.  A large hat on a petite person looks over whelming and a tiny hat on a tall person looks underwhelming.  Check that the hat gives you balance when on. Experiment with a few hat styles.  Try them on to see how they feel.  They often look different on than off and you may be surprised with the hat styles you love.  Try wearing them on different angles to see what works best for you.

Next time you go to the races, don’t avoid the hat.  Embrace it and step out in style!

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Shopping can be a hazardous pastime if we are not careful, not only for our wallets but also our state of mind. When shopping it is very easy to be distracted, buy on impulse and walk away with items that end up being costly mistakes. While the purchase may have looked great in the shop and it got the enthusiastic approval from the sales assistant, when you get home you find that surprisingly it does not look that great any more and to top it all off, it does not go with any of the other clothes, shoes and accessories already in your wardrobe.

You are faced with the dilemma of spending more money to update your wardrobe to match your new purchase, letting the new purchase make its way back to the store for a refund or pushing it to the back of your wardrobe with its tags still attached never to be worn. After several seasons of hiding in the back of your wardrobe you finally give it away because you no longer have sufficient space.

You still have nothing to wear and find yourself back at square one again feeling extremely frustrated. Sound familiar? A lot of time, effort and money goes into purchasing clothing items and you want to get it right first time. All these stresses can be avoided by following a few simple golden rules and guidelines

1. Only buy a clothing item or accessory if it goes with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe. Always take your colour swatch wallet with you to compare and ensure that you buy the right colour tones. You will be amazed at how much time this will save you when shopping. Your own personalised colour swatch wallet can be obtained by attending a Colour Analysis.

2. Understand your body shape and the styles that suit you so that you know what you are looking for. Don’t buy an item just because it’s the latest fashion trend. Create a trend that will work for you. Remember not every item in every store suits every body shape. If you are not sure what styles suit you contact us about our Style Consultation.

3. Plan ahead. Think about your current wardrobe. Decide what you need to buy, what your budget is and then stick to it.

4. Think of the price per wear. How often will you wear it and is it really worth the investment?

5. Always dress according to the clothes that you want to buy. Style your hair and put on some makeup. Nothing is going to look fantastic if you are not looking and feeling your best. If you want to buy a new suit, wear an existing one. Not only can you compare and have the right shoes but you will also be taken more seriously.

6. Always take shoes with you that you plan to wear with the outfit so you can try them on in the shop and ensure that the outfit works for you.

7. Take a friend with you that you know will be honest or use the Personal Shopping services of an Image Consultant.

8. Don’t feel alarmed if you walk away without making a purchase. It just means there may not be anything in the shops for you on that day.

9. If you don’t absolutely love the item or absolutely need the item maybe it is not the right purchase for you.

10. Buy because the clothing item fits you not because it is the clothing size that you think should fit you.

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