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 Spring has arrived, the weather is gorgeous and that can only mean one thing – yes its Spring Carnival and a great excuse to wear a hat and frock up.


There is always something special about wearing a hat, it makes you feel a million dollars.  Team it with a great outfit and you feel on top of the world.  So how do you choose a great hat and outfit combination?  Our number one tip is to select styles and colours that enhance you and work for your body line.  It’s how you look good and feel amazing!


When it comes to hat styles, there is one to suit everyone.  It’s all about finding the right style that gives you proportion and balance.  Often it is a matter of trying on a few hat styles to find what you like so don’t be shy about trying on more than one hat style.  Sometimes it is the hat you least expect that looks the best on you.  As this is the Spring Carnival season we recommend hats made of straw, silk and light materials to compliment your spring outfit.


For those who are not blessed with much height, look for close fitting hats with shallow crowns and small or proportioned brims that draw attention upward to your face.  Avoid deep or high crowns and stay away from big, full brimmed hats as they tend to overwhelm you.


The colour of your hat also has a great impact on the way you look as it is worn close to your face.  There are so many beautiful colours so pick one in your best colours that will make you come alive.  A plain black hat, for example can be ageing if black is not one of your best colours.


Remember to coordinate your hat and outfit so they complement each other.  Think about the styles and colours of your hat, outfit, shoes and handbag in advance and avoid the temptation to introduce too many colours or design elements.  Less is more.


If your hat is your focal point then let it make a statement and keep your outfit simple.  Try selecting an outfit in a solid colour and adding a fabulous hat in a great colour along with shoes and a handbag.  The opposite applies if your race day dress is the focal point and if you keep your accessories simple it is much easier to match them to your outfit.


Don’t forget that race day wear is day wear, so no shiny fabric miniskirts or excess flesh.  A bit racing fashion faux pas is to wear skimpy evening dresses and expose too much skin.


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This week Jockey TV visited a top professional football club, Leeds United, with young apprentice jockey, George Chaloner. George is a graduate of Northern Racing College. He also won a highly prized sprint race, the Goodwood Stewards’ Sprint Stakes last August on Johannes at 22/1. George joined the football squad and demonstrated his footballing skills by scoring a few goals.  George was kitted out by the Leeds club and they also kindly donated a signed football for the Injured Jockeys Fund.

Jockey TV also interviewed Leeds football manager, Neil Warnock, who spoke about his affection for racing and respect for jockeys.

See the show plus photos of Izziana Image millinery at

Izziana Image is the proud sponsor of Jockey TV – the essence of what being involved in equine sport is all about. Izziana Image supports the fashion side of Jockey TV and writes articles for the Jockey TV blog.


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