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New Year resolutions, we all like to have them, but often life gets in the way and we forget about them all too quickly.  According to the experts, the key to keeping your New Year resolutions is to keep them simple and achievable.


This year I am going to undertake my 5 Step Style Challenge to give my wardrobe a clean and prepare it for the year ahead.  After all an organised wardrobe helps achieve an organised life.  I figure that a 5 step challenge is achievable and can be done before other distractions take over.


Join me in my 5 Step Style Challenge.


Step 1

Go through your wardrobe and remove any clothes that you haven’t work in the last 18 months along with clothes that are tired, old and torn.  Put them in a pile to one side.  It is important to remove any emotional attachments you have to your clothes.  Remind yourself that this will help clear out the clutter and make your life easier.


Step 2

Think about the colour and styles of the items you have kept.  Are they right for you?  Consider whether they:

Are your right colours Are your right styles Match your personality Work with your lifestyle

If they are not your right colour, style, don’t match your personality or work with your lifestyle, put them in the pile with your items discarded in step 1.


Tip:  If you don’t know what your most flattering colours and styles are, book in for our Colour Analysis and Style Workshop to discover your best colours and styles.  Take the guess work out of shopping and create a functional wardrobe that requires little maintenance.


Step 3

Return the clothes you will keep to your wardrobe.  While you are sorting through your clothes, make a note of the main colours left in your wardrobe.  This will make it much easier when shopping as you can mix and match clothes to colours you have at home.


Tip:  For the clothes you are going to keep, trying hanging similar items together or items in a way that works with your clothing filing system.  Put all your pants together, all your jackets together, tops, shirts and so on.  It is advisable not to hang your knits, as they will stretch.  Fold and store them in a draw or on a shelf.


Step 4

Sort your discarded clothes into piles.  The first pile is the one that you will throw out.  These clothes are too tired, old or worn to be recycled.  The second pile is clothes that are still in good condition and can be given to a charity.   You will help other women and give your old clothes a whole new life.


Step 5

Make a list of what you are missing or needs to be replaced.  This can form the basis of your shopping plan for your next shopping trip.  It will also save you a lot of shopping time and frustration.


Tip:  Keep the list of what you need to buy in your mobile.  By keeping it in your phone, you will have the list with you all the time.


Wishing everyone a happy and successful 2014!


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Are you living with a wardrobe that you don’t love?  Let’s face it, living with a wardrobe you don’t love can be depressing and frustrating and not a great start to your day.  Who has time in the morning to spend deciding what to wear?

Creating a wardrobe you love and that reflects your lifestyle and personality does not take as long as you may think.  I am a great believe in proper planning prevents poor performance and with a little planning you can create a functional wardrobe that loves you.  Trust me it is truly liberating and saves you lots of time and money!

Think about your current lifestyle and where you spend your time.  Does the percentage of your suitable clothing balance and relate to your lifestyle?  Ask yourself if your wardrobe conveys the image you want.  Now might be a good time to think about the goals for your personal and professional lifestyle and how your wardrobe can reflect these.

To create a wardrobe you love we recommend you:

Understand your colours

Know and wear your best colours.  Remove the colours that don’t love you from your wardrobe.  Save this space for colours that do!

Use your neutrals

Build your wardrobe around your neutral colours.  They are easy to mix and match and don’t date – think Navy, Black, Grey, White.

Follow your body line

Understand your style.  Colour and style go together to make an outfit great and a wardrobe functional.  Wear styles that work for your body shape rather than trying to make your body work for the fashion trend.

Do a closet clean

Take a bit of time to do a closet clean.  Go through your wardrobe and separate your clothes into 3 piles:

The ‘KEEP’ pile go straight back in your wardrobe as they are the correct colour and fit. The ‘DISCARD’ pile will include clothes that are the wrong colour or fit, the clothes that are becoming dated and out of fashion and clothes that are tattered.  Avoid the temptation to put these back in your wardrobe.  They will only add to your frustration.  If they are still in good condition, try donating them to a local charity The ‘STORE’ pile may include clothes that you are not yet be ready to part with.  That is fine.  Put them in a box and store them away.  Be honest with yourself though.  If you have not worn something for 3 years then maybe it is time to give them away.

Make a list

Make a list of things your wardrobe needs for when you next go shopping.   Making a list when doing your closet clean will help you replace essential items that you had to throw out.

Mix and match

When you buy a clothing item or accessory, think about whether it will go with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe.  You can then mix and match them with other clothes to get more wear out of them.

Remember price per wear

Think about price per wear.  How often will you wear the item and is it worth the money?  Sales are a great time to grab a bargain but if you never wear the clothing piece it is a waste of your money and adds to the clutter in your wardrobe.

Contact us if you need some help creating a wardrobe that works with your lifestyle.

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We are all time poor these days and often juggle multiple tasks and projects so I am sure you don’t have time in the morning to waste on deciding what to wear.  In fact, I am certain you have much better things to spend your time on and who wants the stress of trying to create outfits every day that look good?

Good news!  By spending a little bit of time up front you can create a functional wardrobe that works with your lifestyle and saves you time, money and energy.  A functional wardrobe contains clothes that suit you and that mix and match so it is easy to put an outfit together and walk out your front door looking and feeling good.  Our presentation counts and it is an important part of who we are.  Like it or not, people judge you by what you wear.

The colour of our hair, eyes and skin along with body shape and dress personality all influence our style and what clothes, accessories and makeup look good on us and make us feel confident.  You can create a functional wardrobe by building it around the colours and styles that suit your body line, face shape and colouring.  Why waste money on clothing that does nothing for you?  You not only waste money but you feel drab when wearing them and loose self-confidence.

Create a functional wardrobe in 5 easy steps:

Work out what your hair, eye and skin tones are.  What colours compliment these tones and look good on you? Build your wardrobe around these colours and you will always have something to wear.  Those with warmer skin, eye and hair tones for example, will look good in warmer colours as the cooler colours conflict with these tones and wash you out.  The opposite applies if you have cool eye, skin and hair tones.  You will look great in cool colours to match your cool undertones.   This applies to your makeup too.  Choose colour tones that compliment you and enhance your natural beauty.  Nothing stands out like the wrong foundation colour. Identify your bodyline and select clothing and accessories in the same lines.  Are you a straight or do you have a few more curves?  The goal is to ensure that your clothing looks like a natural extension of you.  Use clothes to camouflage what you want to hide and highlight what you want others to see.  Continue to build your wardrobe with these styles, remembering your best colours. Check the lengths of your jackets, skirts and dresses.  Anything that stops in the widest part of your body instantly adds pounds.  Remove these from your wardrobe and replace with much more flattering lengths. Follow your dress personality.  We are all different so don’t feel the need to wear something just because is it in fashion.  Choose clothes that express your personality and tailor your dress personality to the occasion so your outfit is appropriate for the event. Remember Fashion fades, style stays! Once you have identified the above, adjust your shopping habits so you buy clothes that flatter and keep your look current.  Shopping will become easier because you know what suits you.  This way you will always have a functional wardrobe that you don’t have to think about.

Please contact Izziana Image if you would like help with creating a functional wardrobe or developing your Personal Style strategy.  You can be confident of looking your best regardless of the occasion.

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Leading up to Christmas it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, lots of eating, buying gifts, Christmas parties and functions.  This can mean spending lots of money but if you are smart about the clothes you buy, you can look fabulous without spending a fortune.  In fact, if you are trying to save money, your wardrobe is a great place to start.

By organising your wardrobe you can take stock of what you have, make your wardrobe work for you and stop wasting money on clothes and accessories you never wear.  It is also a great way to ensure the Christmas gifts you receive are what you want or need.  Make a list of anything you are missing and pass it onto those who are not sure what to get you for Christmas.

Looking good is about wearing colours and styles that compliant you.  Feel fabulous this season by wearing the right colours and styles in your clothing and accessories.   Know your best colours and styles and only buy clothes that compliment you.  They will always look great on you and because they suit you, they are easy to mix and match with the other clothes in your wardrobe.

Summer is all about colour.  There are some beautiful bright colours this season so add a few to your wardrobe, be it a top, shirt or shoes.  In fact, colour is huge this season with pastels, neon and block colours so instead of always wearing black select a great colour to give your image a lift.

Add a touch of glamour with the right makeup. A lipstick in your colour is an easy way to look good and feel alive. Simple and effective!

Accessories are an easy and cheap way to jazz up your wardrobe.  Dress your outfit up with a broche, hat, necklace, earrings, shoes or a fabulous bag. Handbags and jewellery are big and bold at the moment.  Think large stones and beads for jewellery and large structured bags.

When buying any new items, think about whether they will go with at least 3 or 4 other garments in your wardrobe.  If you have recently organised your wardrobe, you will know what you have and this will help ensure you get lots of wear out of your purchase.

Talking about getting lots of wear out of your clothes, when shopping ask yourself how often you plan to wear the piece of clothing or accessory.  Think price per wear.  If you will wear it often, it is worth the investment.  Even clothes on sale are still a waste of money if you never wear them.

Finally, make sure the clothes fit you.  Nothing makes you look bigger than wearing clothes that are too small!

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