This season the hat has become the new fashion accessory to complete your look. The Spring/Summer season saw the likes of Georgia Armani, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood and Saint Laurent all using hats or headpieces in their collections.  It was inspiring to see that most fashion shows in New York, Paris and London had hats or headpieces and we hope the hat is here to stay!

While we are great believers you should choose styles that suit you over fashion trends, it is important not to get stuck in a style rut and wear the same hat over and over.  There are some fabulous hat styles to choose from at the moment so get inspired with some of this season’s hat trends.

The cloche continues to be a favourite.  It generally has a round crown, little or no brim and is worn well down on the forehead.  It is a very feminine style that is easy to wear with dresses, skirts and jackets. The cloche is one of those hat styles that suits most face shapes so next time you are not sure about what hat style to choose, try on a cloche.

The fedora or trilby styles are another popular choice and are great for males and females to give an edgy look.  It has a high indented crown with a brim.  The trilby generally has a shorter brim where the front is angled down and the fedora generally has a wider, more levelled brim.  Both styles can be worn with both jeans and pants so depending on the occasion, dress up or dress down with a fedora or trilby and look fabulous.

Top hats have become trendy and while they are not as widely worn as the fedora style, they make a great evening hat that can be worn by both males and females with pants or dresses.  As with all hats, keep the focus on the hat and the outfit simple so as not to overdo the top hat look.

The pill box was made famous by Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  It is a small round or square brimless hat.  It can be worn as a bridal piece, to the races, to cocktail parties or every day wear and we love it for its femineity.

The gaucho style was seen in the Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer collection in beautiful colours.  They generally have a flat crown and brim.  The style works well with dresses, pants, skirts and jackets. Try one in a bright colour.

Berets never really seem to go out of style.  It is a soft, round hat with a flat crown that it best worn to one side of the head.  Its softness allows you to shape it the way you want.  They are perfect for the winter months to keep the head warm while still looking good.

These styles offer great versatility as they can be worn in both winter and summer, depending on the materials they are made out of. Choose felt and heavy materials for winter and straw and light materials for summer. The best thing about many of these hats is that you are not just restricted to wearing them to the races.  They can be worn to other social and sporting events to add that extra element to your outfit.

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