We are heading to Wagga shortly.  We hold Colour and Style consultations there and it is nice to get out of Sydney for a change.  Like most women, we find that the reason people come to us is to help make their lives easier. They want to look good as they get older and have a wardrobe that works for their lifestyle. After no one has time to sit for hours every morning deciding what to wear and who wants to be left feeling depressed when they go shopping because they can’t find anything that suits them.  Not me!

You can look good at any age and our big tip is to work with you and not against you. Everyone has things they love about themselves so highlight these and learn how to disguise what you don’t like so regardless you look good, a win- win situation in my books.

Colour has an amazing influence on the way you look and feel.  Your best colours are determined by your eye, skin and hair tone and they compliment you.  They have the effect of smoothing the lines and wrinkles on your face, hiding them and helping make you look great.  The wrong colour on the other hand is one that detracts from you and draws attention straight to the shadows and lines in our face, making you look tired. The right colours help make you look younger; the wrong colours have the opposite effect.  The best thing about colour is that once you know which tones suit you, looking good is as easy as wearing your right colours.

The next step in looking good is through the lines of your clothing.  Style is about gaining balance and proportion through selecting clothing styles that suit you.  Get it right and you will instantly look good.  Use the length of your skirt to look taller, or the length of your jacket or top to look slimmer.  By selecting the right lines and design details in your clothing and accessories, you can have an amazing wardrobe that doesn’t have to be elaborate.  In fact less is more and keeping your wardrobe simple helps keep your life simple.   At the end of the day you want to get value for money out of your wardrobe while looking good.

Tell us about your best colour or style tips.

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