Wardrobe Planning

Does your wardrobe convey the image you want to the world and is it helping you reach your goals? Our Wardrobe Planning helps you reorganise your wardrobe to create a functional wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, both personally and professionally. Wardrobe Planning is for those who have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. We will come to you and show you how to update, organize and plan your wardrobe making it easy to put outfits together with minimal effort and time.

Our Wardrobe Planning will:

  • Help you organise your wardrobe so it is functional and makes your life easier
  • Give you advice on how to update and organise your wardrobe so it fits in with your lifestyle
  • Show you what items to keep, what can be fixed and what needs to be thrown out
  • Assess what items you are missing
  • Show you how to put different outfits together

As part of our Wardrobe Planning, we recommend the clothing items that are suitable to keep, items that can be altered or fixed to fit you, or clothes that should be discarded. If the garments you discard are still in good condition we can remove them for you and donate them to a local charity giving them a whole new lease of life.

Contact us for further information on our Wardrobe Planning session.

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